Analysis Of My Place By Sally Morgan

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Owing to colonization of indigenous lands by wave of explorers and settlers, Aborigines around the world have faced years of violence and oppression, perpetrated by the non-indigenous settlers. The case of Australian Aborgines were no different. In fact, Australian Aborgines majorly experienced identity crisis and societal dilemma owing to discrimination faced in the society by the white skinned non-indigenous Australians. Therefore in order to deliberately intermingle with the mainstream society dominated by the European ‘civilised’ settlers and hence often hide their original identity by stating themselves as Indian or Italian instead of Aborigines to avoid societal stigma and isolation. The societal dilemma and hardships experienced by the Aborigines has been depicted thoroughly by Sally Morgan in her autobiography– ‘My Place’, comprising of the protagonist’s quest for uncovering her family’s past and her realization that she has grown up in false pretense. This article serves in uncovering the experiences of the Aborgines through the eyes and expression of Sally Morgan, critically reviewing their ordeal.
Key Words: Aborigines, Australia, Societal Dilemma, Identity Crisis, Sally Morgan, My Place Introduction
My Place, written by Sally Morgan begins with the experiences of Sally’s own life and her growing and adolescence years in the suburban Perth, Australia,in the 1950s and 60s. Gradually, vague hints and echoes begin to emerge, thereby providing hints about the past
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