Analysis Of Nadine Gordimer's The Ultimate Safari

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In Nadine Gordimer’s short story “The Ultimate Safari”, a young girl tells her story about fleeing from her home town because of war and the bandits in her village. On the way to a refugee camp with her siblings and grandparents the child and her family have to go through some difficult situations but she seems to stay positive regarding the future as she understands little about war. In “The Ultimate Safari”, the innocent narration of the child narrator establishes a feeling of hope in the story that could not be maintained if the narrator were an adult voice.
It is very special about the short story’s homodiegetic narrator that it is a young girl. She is not able to completely understand the situation she is in which leads to the sense of hope that is spread throughout the whole short story. The narrator gives us a rather naïve insight into the situation of war and the flight to a refugee camp. The girl, who stays nameless, knows little about war and sees herself and the other children as not important. “We were in the war, too, but we were children, we were like our grandmother and grandfather, we didn’t have guns” (33). The reader is able to witness the difficult situation of war through the child’s perspective, which shows that they experience the events innocently and without judgment.
The narrator’s knowledge is limited as a result of the homodiegetic narration and the fact that the story is perceived through the eyes of a young girl. She does not realise the

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