Analysis Of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Birth-Mark

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As in all of Hawthorne 's writings when one finishes reading his stories you come up with more questions than answers. No other writer makes you question like Hawthorne. The philosophical question of what is true perfection and can it be achieved through physical means or is it a state of the spirit is the heart of Nathaniel Hawthorne 's story The Birth-Mark. Aylmer, the main character of the story is a brilliant scientist/alchemist. He posses a belief in "man 's ultimate control over nature", and thinks there is nothing man can 't master or achieve. His obsession with his wife 's small imperfect birth mark, which resembles a hand, begins shortly after they become married. Aylmer is fixated with his wife Georgiana 's perfection; he believes that in order for him to experience perfect love, he must have a perfect woman to love. His obsession gradually becomes Georgiana 's obsession at which point she becomes so distraught that she tells Aylmer "Remove this dreadful hand, or take my wretched life". Aylmer sits down and tells his wife that there may be risk involved but he is confident that he shall remove the mark and his beautiful bride will be perfect in every way. He sets up comfortable surroundings for his wife described as "beautiful apartments, not unfit to be the secluded abode of a lovely woman". After the alchemist attempts and fails numerous methods for removing the mark from his wife he develops a "perfect elixir" that will without a doubt cure her and make her
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