Analysis Of Negritude

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Negritude is a technique to shift the traditional drama which speaks for the community as a whole to a drama for the educated elite and new middle classes. This genre, Negritude is an apt instance of the problem of mediation between elevated values of the old and its place in history. The issue of commitment is inescapable in a literature of black consciousness where freedom, social justice and racial equality are pervasive concerns. It is very difficult for him to affirm certain values and equally difficult for him to reform them. In this context Chinua Achebe’s negritude is known for its watershed in the development of the African literature in English, gaining new mastery of the emotionally charged theme of cultural conflicts with a balanced commitment of objectivity, he utilized history with false idealization of the past, thereby admitting his own people’s good as well as the bad side providing the message in a language of objectivity, achieving a delicate balance between the need to write for an international readership as well as having the desire to reflect and sustain in them in Nigerian context. Achebe has depicted the traditional values of Ibo culture that found expressed in all the social customs like marriage, funeral rites, practice of religious rituals etc. What was striking in that practice of Ibo culture was its uniformity and concordance though people belonging to that community speaking a number of related dialects. In such pluralistic society decision
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