Summary Of Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves To Death

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In Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death the author assert that the age of typography has been replaced by the age of television. I agree with this statement, but not entirely because nowadays there are still people who are not influenced by media. In this book, Postman tries to prove the fact that media has a powerful impact on people because makes them accept whatever it says, using persuasion, their emotions and the fact that they believe that whatever is been said must be true and right. Therefore, what the author tries to say is that too often people think nothing of what they see or read in the media and they simply accept everything. I think the main points about which Neil Postman speaks in this article are about the difficulty whereby we realize…show more content…
Media has become a primary source from which we obtain information relating to things or events that surrounds us. To prove this statement, Postman states that "all public discourse increasingly takes the form of entertainment” and how people are attracted to entertainment, they watch and listen to all that is seen and heard in the media, and after that they believe everything and thus they are easily influenced. Vicki Coleman also talks about this aspect in her article entitled Social Media as a Primary Source: A Coming of Age where she tries to say that this time social media has a powerful impact on students, faculty, scholars, and the public at-large. These categories attracted by this source because it allows them ”to communicate and collaborate in ways that disregard institutional boundaries.” Another thing which Neil Postman emphasizes in his text is that “A message denotes a specific, concrete statement about the world. But the forms of our media, including the symbols through which they permit conversation, do not make such statements. They are rather like
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