Analysis Of Never Say The Kid Can Say Reinhart

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The article, “Never Say Anything a Kid Can Say,” by Steven C. Reinhart that was published in 2000 was quite an interesting read. Throughout this article, the author explained a teaching technique that he thought was the most effective for students to learn the most. He explained that it was a process; it wasn’t a technique that could be implemented and accomplished within a few days. The main idea of this philosophy was to have the students do the explaining and the teacher do the listening, which is completely opposite of the normal classroom setting. Reinhart explained that through a normal teaching method, the teacher presents information to the class through explanations and some demonstrations. Through this process, the teacher must first…show more content…
I think that Reinhart is exactly right when he says that a student should do the explaining and the teacher should be the listener. Although I know that this would be an effective strategy to use in my future classroom, I do think that this technique will be difficult to master. Being able to ask open-ended questions, process questions, and have patience to wait for a student to raise their hand and answer those difficult ones would probably be the hardest techniques for me to master. Although I know that it would come through consistent implementation and practice. Reinhart explains that through this technique, the teacher and the student must reverse the roles of the typical classroom; the teacher must become the listener and the student must become the explainer. The teacher should make sure that each student is involved in the lesson, ask process questions, open-ended questions, be patient when waiting for answers to these questions, and ultimately never say anything a kid can say. This method is something that I would like to implement in my future classroom. I know that it will take practice and perseverance, but it is something that I know I can
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