Analysis Of Nick Payne's 'Constellations'

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In his play “Constellations,” Nick Payne expresses that love is not always sunshine and rainbows. An unexpected love story about a woman named Marianne who is a quantum physicist, and a man named Roland who is a beekeeper. After they casually met at a barbecue, they could not resist beginning an intimate relationship. Communication is at the heart of this play, especially because in the various multiverses each scene repeated but slightly altered. This portion of the play highlights the way they communicate in a way that either benefits their relationship or creates problems. Being able to see the multiverse of several different possibilities made me feel connected to each individual character and often made me feel sympathy for them and their relationship. The multiverse repeated scenes from the first day they met at the barbecue, their first date, their breakup and their accidental meetings, and at once they rekindled their love that was never forgotten. Overall, Payne made me realize it is worth working on the attention and attitude we give one another in conversations in order for…show more content…
Which is illustrated throughout the entire play itself because he is constantly having to ask the same questions. Although, he might have forgotten what her occupation was he should have listened to what she had to say in order to romantically connect. Later in the play it was obvious that Marianne felt neglected in their everyday conversation. Thus, leading her to find attention elsewhere which vigorously shows that communication was not present in the majority of their relationship. If communication had been a priority I believe the string of multiverses would have had a more positive outlook in the end. Overall, it is worth working on the attention and attitude we give one another in conversations in order for our relationships to develop and flourish

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