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he story Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon is a typical teenage romance, except totally not. From the moment you begin reading, it’s obvious that this novel is extraordinary. The main themes of this book can easily be explained in Madeline terms ““Spoiler alert: Love is worth everything. Everything.” (32). Other main themes are that risks are essential to actually living, and to always question everything.
Everything, Everything is a story of Madeline Whitaker with a very rare condition called SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency disease). This condition makes her unable to leave her house, which is heavily ventilated and security checked for any outside source breaches. This is the way she’s been living her whole 18 years of life. Her immune system is extremely weak, like a toddler. This way of surviving makes it especially hard as she’s completely isolated, her father and brother
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As Olly and Madeline slowly start learning more and more about each other through email, they quickly realize that the underlying motivation to everything is love. Madeline has this revelation that everything her mom has ever done is motivated by love, everything a doctor has ever done, a sibling, scientists, everything. That without love there really is no purpose to life, or that it is extremely bland. As Madeline would say “There's more to life than being alive.” (185). With Oly being a lanky tall dark-haired adventurous boy, he helped Madeline come out of her shell. A curly haired shy and naive young bookworm who quickly learns to ask more from life. That she loves everything including Olly and that she wants to experience everything. I believe that how the author states this theme is indirect but very identifiable. The theme that love is everything carries throughout the whole book, and each character shows this in their own way. Nevertheless, it is clear what message Nicola Yoon is trying to get across about

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