Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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The vast majority of the population finds Asia to consist of: China, Japan, and India; however, on any ordinary day in Cambodia, the social normality of mass starvation led too many withering lives of innocent prisoners. With the staggering displacement of about twenty-five percent of the population, Pol Pot succeeded in becoming an indirect murderer. In addition, estate possessions were seized by the Khmer Rouge while many of these guiltless captives suffered in these inhumane punishments. Impecunious and malnourished, many of these impoverished people struggled in the attempt to survive this barbarous time period. Likewise, the prisoners of the Holocaust departed with little nourishment to satisfy hunger. In addition, there was lack of a …show more content…

To begin, in the memoir Night, Elie Wiesel and other prisoners experience home repossession several times. In one particular repossession, Elie Wiesel and the others were forced to march through the night to another neighboring camp. As Wiesel describes the nature of the Schutzstaffel Protection Squad is to refer the prisoners as a “dog”, he expresses, “We were no longer marching, we were running. Like automatons. The SS were running as well, weapons in hand... From time to time, a shot exploded in the darkness” (Wiesel 85). The Schutzstaffel Protection Squad forced the prisoners to run. Many of the men stopped and were shot because of the inclimatable weather. Similarly, in the Cambodian genocide, the Khmer Rouge commenced an evacuation of the city. The Khmer Rouge untruthfully claimed that United States planes were going to bomb cities (Friedman 33). Not only did the Khmer Rouge falsely claim a bombing, but they also held captives at gunpoint to move out of their homes (Rummel 134). In the false accusation that the United States planes were going to bomb the cities caused terror among millions. For the people that chose not to leave their homes, they risked their lives due to firearms that the Khmer Rouge owned. Accordingly, the Schutzstaffel Protection Squad and the Khmer Rouge vigorously degraded the captives while they are transferring to another location. First, throughout Elie Wiesel’s treacherous journeys to various concentration camps, the first camp he arrives to is Birkenau. Birkenau is one of the death camps at the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp, known for the mass death rate and for being a colossal camp. As Elie Wiesel made his way to Birkenau, he panicked, “We continued to march between the barbed wire. At every step, white signs with black skulls looked down on us. The inscription: WARNING!

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