Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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Amaan Alam Ms. Trag Honors 9th Lit 8 August 2023 Night The captivating tale of "Night " written by Elie Wiesel delves into the journey of its main protagonist, Eliezer as he navigates the harrowing ordeals of the Holocaust. This essay aims to delve into Eliezers persona depicted in the book – his passions and his perspective on life in Sighet. Subsequently it explores how the horrific events within the concentration camp drastically reshape his outlook on life and forge his sense of self. At the beginning of the narrative Eliezer is portrayed as a boy deeply committed to his religious studies and devoted to his familial relationships. He finds solace in his faith. Shares an unbreakable bond with his father. His worldview, shaped by growing
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