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A person 's childhood may be considered some of the best days of their life. Everyone remembers memories from their childhood. Many people have childhood memories that they cherish and never want to forget, others however, would like to forget and are scarred from them. Night is written and narrated by Elie Wiesel. Elie was born in Hungary and grew up in Transylvania, until him and his family were deported to Aushwitz. After, the war Elie lived in Paris and then eventually made it to the U.S where he became a professor and wrote Night and many other books (Wiesel 110). Four Perfect Pebbles is a memoir from Marion Blumenthal. Marion was born and grew up in Germany and then sent to Bergen-Belsen during the war. Succeeding the holocaust Marion, her mother, and brother made their way to America and started a new life.

The book Night Is a story written by Elie Wiesel, and he tells about his family during the holocaust. Night takes place in several different concentration camps. It starts in Elise 's hometown Sighet, Transylvania, and through the concentration
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Marion, her older brother Albert, mother Ruth, and father Walter find themselves stuck in Germany during the rise of Hitler. The family knew it was too dangerous to stay and applied for visas for America. The visas would take a while, so they escaped to a refugee camp in Holland for a few years while they waited. Soon the refugee camp turned into a transit camp and shortly after the Blumenthal 's were sent to Bergan-Belson concentration camp. For two years they were at Bergan-Belson and then towards the end of the war were on the death train for two weeks, until the Russians liberated them. After liberation the Blumenthals took shelter in an abandon house, but not long after liberation Marion 's father died of typhus. After the war Marion, Albert and Ruth went back to Holland and then eventually made it to the U.S
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