Analysis Of Nike's International Marketing Strategy

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International marketing strategy is a combination of marketing principle that could be used to formulate a marketing strategy for specific products and services within one or more countries to extend or internationalise the company. The research paper is based on the international marketing strategy of Nike Inc. (a Sports Apparel retail company working internationally) to help the management of the company shortlist and identify potential market for them to expand their business. It utilised macro and micro analysis of the sports retail market to identify the potentials of the industry that would help them to increase their business performance in the international marketplace. Macro Factors PESTLE It is noted that PESTLE is one of the most important and effective that often used by organisations in order to assess different macro factors that influence their activities in a negative manner (Li, et al., 2014). However, the PESTLE factors entails political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental that are elaborated below: Political Political factor is an imperative factor that organisation considered at the time of expanding their business operations by assessing the political environment of the target market (Li, et al., 2014). Moreover, it is found that there is a strong competition among the sports retailers in all over the world that is why the margin of error is very low for the firms. It is imperative from the prospect of an organisation to evaluate
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