Analysis Of Nikki Giovanni's Poem Ego Tripping

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In the poem “Ego Tripping” by Nikki Giovanni it is evident that it is difficult to fix a past filled with misogyny, and patriarchy that advance women as feeble vessels, whose words and activities put men at risk. Despite the fact that it implies battling a custom of subordinating women that stretches out back a large number of years, the women’s activist development has since the mid-1970s attempted to give a voice to ladies that offers trust, gives quality, and proposes approaches to battle for more equality. Nikki Giovanni fights for change for African American women in the form of present tense language that shows women’s strength, power, and beauty. Although she is speaking in present tense, she is alluding to the future she wants women…show more content…
From one viewpoint, it can be respectable and great, and on the other it can be childish and mean. Everything relies on upon how it is utilized. Pride is especially valuable when it helps us to have and look after gauges. Pride can likewise be a binding together constrain in a gathering of individuals, for example, when a group accomplishes a troublesome test or satisfies its elevated requirements. It has generally been utilized by leaders to support a discouraged association or nation to feel great once more. For Nikki Giovanni, pride was something that she wanted to not only inflict on the speaker but the readers as well. “I am so perfect so divine so ethereal so surreal I cannot be comprehended except by my permission”, this statement uttered by Nikki Giovanni shows her self-confidence and pride she has within her. Although it states the speakers personal pride, this piece can also be used to influence other women to exemplify that same sense of pride and self-confidence. For women with preexisting self-confidence to women who are more reserved with their self-inflicted emotions, this poem push for self-worth and self-pride will elate the minds of all women. Pride in itself is not a terrible thing and can be extremely valuable for looking after standards. However, it is named as one of the Seven Deadly Sins in acknowledgment of its shadow side, where it for the most part about feeling better than other individuals. This is frequently…show more content…
For example, “I was born -I walked - I designed – I am bad”. These are all dominant things that a human being can possess. Being born was the first accomplishment for mankind. Being born is something that is not promised to anyone. Although one does not control when they are conceived, making it through is the first obstacle tackled. Walking, a physical attribute that one can only do alone, the next obstacle tackled. Designing, something that exemplifies one’s creativity, awareness, and power. Being bad, as the millennials would say, is a quality that surpasses the attributes on the outside but it flourishes through the way one carries themselves. The light that shines from the inside. That is the black power that the speaker is insinuating through this piece. The Congo is the Center of vast mineral wealth, with exports of diamonds, and oil. The Congo, the motherland of black excellence is where the speaker tackles her first obstacle. A place the holds the world’s wealthiest possessions. “My oldest daughter Nefertiti” the speaker’s way of showing how she, a powerful vessel mothers Egypt’s most beautiful queen. She signifies a woman of infinite power throughout this entire piece. Another key factor that if looked at through literary lenses, is women are creators of strength, wisdom, and authority. “I designed a pyramid so tough that a star
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