Analysis Of Nikky Finney's Red Velvet

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In Nikky Finney's poem "Red Velvet", Rosa parks, a 42 year old seamstress recalls the time 12 years ago when she was put off of a bus for refusing to give up her seat to a white man. On December 1st, 1955, 12 years after the incident, she boards the same bus that was driven by the driver who put her off before, but this time when asked to move, Rosa parks decides to stay put. She reminisces on her experiences of segregation, discrimination and her daily struggles on and off the bus. Finney uses an extended metaphor as she compares the strength of fabric to the persistence of Rosa Parks.

The part that I thought was most important/moved me the most was when Finney claims that the job of a seamstress is tough and that one should never underestimate
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