Analysis Of Ninety-Five Theses By Martin Luther

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First of all, Martin Luther was a man that was a monk and a professor in Germany lecturing about the Bible. One day, a tree got struck by lightning. When the tree got struck, it fell on him, and it blew Luther on the ground still alive. That was when he realized he was saved by God and turned to the Bible. He then became a monk through reading a verse in the Bible. As he went through lecturing about it over the time, he began to question himself about the ways of salvation. His individual opinion made him think that the Catholic Church’s way of salvation was wrong. From studying the Bible, Luther found that it wasn’t all about the good deeds that they did or the money that you pay to be salvated. To him, all they needed to be salvated was…show more content…
The Ninety-Five Theses is basically a list of ninety-five complaints against the Catholic Church. These complaints also criticized the pope as well. Luther wanted them to know that they were cheating all the Catholics for their money. He thought that the church was all about money and power. They didn’t have to waste their money so as long as they had faith. Martin Luther didn’t believe that the ways of that Church weren’t right because they were making people believe that they were going to make it into heaven by buying something like a release ticket called an indulgence. Luther wanted people to know the truth and not get abused by these foul rules of the Catholic Church. He then printed them out and put them on the front doors on the Church superiors. This would have gotten nowhere without the work of the printer. The superiors then printed many of copies and spread the lists about the Ninety-Five Theses all over Germany. Protestants began to turn away from the Catholic Church and towards the works of Luther. As a result, Leo the Tenth, a pope, sent an order to Luther to give up his beliefs because of the effect it had on the Catholic Church. Instead of following those great orders, he burned them down, which resulted him to being kicked out of the Church. But Luther wasn’t done just yet. He went into hiding and started to translate the New Testament of the Bible into German and spread that instead. It resulted…show more content…
It changed churches into something better. If Luther didn’t write the Ninety-Five Theses, the ways of salvation then would probably still be the ways of salvation now. Christians and Catholics would still have to believe in things like being kept in purgatory after death until a family member or friend paid thousands of dollars for them to go to heaven sooner than the years that they would have to wait. Many people would have been ripped off of their money because of the pope’s
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