Analysis Of No Compromise With Slavery By William Lloyd Garrison

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All people are created equal, and they deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is stated in the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution grants these rights to all human beings. In his editorial, “No Compromise With Slavery,” William Lloyd Garrison exposes that freedom and slavery contradict each other. Throughout the text, Garrison uses his passion for abolishing slavery to convince the readers that slavery is amoral and the work of the devil. Lloyd disputes that a country can stand for both freedom and slavery. He points out that the church should be the embodiment God’s grace and love, but the church, in his view, has failed. Garrison’s outrage toward slavery is evident in his editorial. Although slavery was common in the mid 1800s, Garrison argues that slavery is unjustifiable and inhumane.
Garrison feels the leaders and slaveholders are hypocrites because they celebrate the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, while at the same time they are taking away other people’s dignity just as the British colonizer did to the U.S. citizen. Lloyd argues that a country can
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He informs his readers that the church is encouraging atheistical and criminal acts when it supports slavery. Garrison explains that the church should be a more inclusive community that accepts everyone without judgment and separation. Garrison says, “Freedom and slavery together consuming fire” (1). He points out that the teachings of Jesus Christ contradict the action of the church. He believes we receive salvation through Jesus Christ, and Jesus set us free by dying on the cross so we each can live a dignified life. However, the church is failing to show the love of God to people of color. This relates to the the Holocaust because the Nazi regime thought Jews were inferior, and they dehumanized them. Garrison is calling out the church leaders to more aware of and empathic for their fellow human
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