No Safe Place Deborah Ellis Analysis

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My culture essay who read the book, No Safe Place, Deborah Ellis, it is about the main character, Abdul, who is waking up in a ruined old tower. He hears a lot of sounds like water on the cement street and disco music from down the street. The book is different from my life; because I live in a nice, stable home with my mom and our pets. In the book I read it says that “Abdul was thin from too many months of being on the road, but strong from too many fights with other migrants” (Ellis, pg. 14). I personally do not have to travel around for my safety and feel safe at home. I do not have encounters with migrants; however, I do have to deal with bullies at school and sometimes that can be hard. I don’t have any problems with cleaning myself.…show more content…
Abdul struggles to survive. “Even though it meant delaying his own meal - the scent of the hot rice and stew driving him crazy as he added a scoop of each to the thrust-forward plates - he would get an especially large portion at the end, and usually something extra” (Ellis, pg. 22. Abdul has to work to get food and probably money to live; but it’s normal for everyone else who works for a living. I have no problems with people from different cultures or different religions, in fact I have good friends from different religions. The book states that people don’t like other people from another religion. I read, “The British don’t want you. The British don’t want men and I was born there” (Ellis, pg. 41). So far in my life, I haven’t had that many problems. Like get into fights or have to steal anything to survive. Abdul was the total opposite from me, he had to fight for everything to survive and stay alive even though he has no family left. I have a good family, even if they split apart some time ago we are all still connected. Abdul thinks about his family a lot; his whole family died. His father and brother were bombed, and his mother was shot right in front of
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