Analysis Of Not Bad Dad, Not Bad By Jan Heller Levi

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Poems are pieces of writing in which writers express their senses of feelings, and ideas for particular events. Every word, line, and paragraph has its meanings. Poems come in different shapes, sizes, tones, and stories. Some comes in sad moments. Some comes in happy moments. Some comes in anger moments. Some comes in tragic moments. Almost every poem hides the richness value of author’s thoughts. One read poems to understand the world of which people dreams of. One read poems to explore the mysterious secrets. One read poems to entertain himself. One of the sadness poetry is “Not Bad, Dad, Not Bad” by Jan Heller Levi. In this poem, Jan Heller Levi tries to re-establish the meaning of poetry as a medium that provides some kinds of daughter…show more content…
“I think how different everything might have been had I judged your loving like I judge your sidestroke, your butterfly, your Australian crawl.” a change of tone occurs in these stanzas. The daughter begins to lose hope on her father. She wondered how things would be if she judged her father’s love differently. She wondered how things would be if her father loves her like his best swimming coming to recuse. Truly, she never saw her father trying his best coming to recuse her. From thirtieth stanza to sixteenth stanza, “But I always thought I was drowning in that icy ocean between us, I always thought you were moving too slowly to save me when you were moving as fast as you can” The daughter realizes that she judges her father wrongly. She thought she was left alone far far away from her father. She thought no one is coming for her help. She thought that her father move too slow to save her until she realizes that her father is doing the best he can to recuse her. “Successful parenting does not just happen: parents must make a conscious effort to be active in their children 's lives by nourishing and developing their children 's talents and skills.” (Spring,
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