Not Without My Daughter Analysis

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Not without my Daughter
The movie Not without my Daughter is about a family consisting of a mother named Betty, a father named Sayed and a daughter named Mathob. In the beginning, the family is in the USA living a normal life where Sayed and Betty are equals. They are happily married and love each other. Unfortunately, Sayed loses his job as a doctor and decides to move back to Iran where he is originally from. Betty does not know about this because Sayed tells her that he just wants to go on a vacation to Iran to visit his family whom he has not seen for many years. Betty does not really want to go due to the situation in Iran, but Sayed persuades her to go anyway.
When Sayed, Betty and Mathob arrive in Iran, Sayed’s enormous Iranian family greets them. At first,
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At first, everything is as it usually is in their relationship. They discuss things, make decisions together and joke around. Then little after little, Sayed becomes more domineering and controlling. When he announces they will not be leaving Iran, everything in their relationship change. Sayed starts hitting Betty when she defies him. At some point, her rebellion gets so bad that he starts controlling her every move so that she does not have any freedom left. Betty wants to leave Iran but since she cannot leave the country without Sayed’s permission, she becomes his prisoner. Her love for him has now been replaced by hatred. Some of the themes in Not without my Daughter are betrayal, domestic violence, bravery and unconditional love.
Sayed betrays Betty by lying to her about their stay in Iran. He hits her and keeps her from calling her family, which are clear signs of domestic violence. Betty is brave and tries to escape in spite of the danger of upsetting her husband. She is able to escape on her own but she refuses to leave Mathob behind because of the unconditional love she feels towards her daughter.

I found the movie very
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