Analysis Of OB Issues In Puss In Boots

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Chapter 3: OB Issues in Puss in Boots 3.1 Individual level 3.1.1 Input A. The Big Five Personality Model Extraversion For example, Humpty Dumpty invites Puss proactively to form a team together with him to pursue their dreams. He insists to involve Puss in Boots in his plan. Agreeableness Conscientiousness For example, Humpty Dumpty come out with a perfect plan to get the magic beans from Jack n Jill. He is organized and persistent person. He make arrangement very orderly and not easily get distracted showing that he is a good leader. Emotional Stability For example, Humpty Dumpty stayed calm when the Jack n Jill chase after their team after they successfully stole the magic beans. There is a nervous and tension scene where Jack n Jill chase them to the one broken bridge. Puss in Boots told him to stop the carriage because they could fall down but he stayed calm and be confident told Puss in Boots to trust him that they can conquer and overcome the obstacles. Openness to experience For example, Humpty Dumpty always full of imagination and invention. He invented a carriage that was convertible and can fly through the broken bridge when they are chasing by Jack n Jill. THE INDIVIDUAL - PROCESS Emotion and Moods Emotions are intense feeling that are directed at someone or something. It usually very brief in duration. For example, Puss in Boots felt angry against Humpty Dumpty because Humpty Dumpty did not told him the truth that he was going to robbed the bank. This emotions
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