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Obey the giant wheat pasted poster is part of a street art campaign based on a design by Frank Shepard Fairey. It was created in 1996 in Charleston, South California. The campaign was a experiment of phenomenology. Posters and stickers of Andre the giant were dominating the city and it gained a huge amount of attention from the public eye. It made people question about the poster - who created it, what is the message of the poster and how was it made. He rose to fame and is known for his street murals, which can be spotted all over the world. Shepard Fairey's work has a political stand, which makes people question the government and their daily lives. The campaign was unplanned and it was a result of a accidental incident. Shepard Fairey…show more content…
He was looking for a suitable image to use in the newspaper and happened to chance upon an advertisement of Andre The Giant. Shepard Fairey thought it would be funny to make a stencil out of Andre. His friend attempted to cut out the image but gave up in defeat. Shepard Fairey took on the task and completed cutting the image. Beside the image of Andre the Giant, he included a text "Andre the Giant has a Posse" on the left hand side, included his weight and height, 7'4", 520lbs, on the right side. He made some stickers with the stencil and Andre The Giant Has A Posse stickers was born. Even though the sticker started off as a joke, Shepard Fairey finally had a sticker of his own he started pasting them everywhere in the public, it was a sticker that he could finally show off to the word. It only took a summer before his sticker dominated Providence. People were very curious about the creator of the sticker, to the extent of offering a reward to anyone who could provide any information on it's meaning and origin. Shepard Fairey was hundreds of stickers a week. He started looking for better printing materials for his sticker because paper stickers wore off too quickly in the outdoors. He was taking screen printing classes ands started producing vinyl stickers himself, reducing the cost by a whole lot compared to paper stickers. The production of stickers continued to 1996, amounting to over a million stickers produced by hand. In order to allow his stickers to reach out to as many masses as possible, Shepard Fairey started supplying stickers to friends who resided all over the country. He also started running cheap advertisements on skate and punk magazines, such as slap magazine. The interesting thing about stickers isn't just about the design, but how they fit into the environment. Stickers are commonly placed on poles and crosswalk boxes, but they are also the place where stickers are taken

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