Analysis Of Okonkwo In Things Fall Apart

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In the book “Things Fall Apart” written by Chinua Achebe, the main character “Okonkwo” is led down an unexpected path that would soon end in his demise. Okonkwo is a strong and respected man in his village of Umuofia. Okonkwo grew up with a fear of weakness and failure that leads him down his path that he grew to hate. Okonkwo’s fate happened because of his fear of weakness and his obsession with getting rid of weakness in his village. Okonkwo’s fear didn’t happen by himself, it happened because of his father. Okonkwo disliked his father and wished not to be like his because of his ways. Okonkwo’s father Unoka was a weak and lazy man who never repaid his debts. Okonkwo grew to hate and fear the weakness that his father showed. Okonkwo strives to be a better person than Unoka ever was or would be. Do to his father’s action Okonkwo had a rough childhood and grew up without inheriting a title or a farm. Okonkwo did everything he could so that he could rise to the top and show that he was nothing like his father. Okonkwo would never let anyone of his family be like his father.…show more content…
Okonkwo would constantly beat his son Nwoye, so that he would not be as weak as Unoka. Okonkwo was always strict on everyone in his family so that they would not embarrass him ands bring shame upon the family. When Okonkwo got the word that they were going to kill Ikemefuna, a kid that lived with Okonkwo, was going to be killed. Okonkwo was told to say out of it because the boy referred to Okonkwo as “father.” Okonkwo didn’t want to show he was weak so he attended the ceremony and killed Ikemefuna himself. His fear has always gotten the best of
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