Analysis Of Okonkwo's 'Things Fall Apart'

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“Things Fall Apart” Ch 8 tells of how Okonkwo doesn’t eat for two days following the death of Ikemefuna. He doesn’t sleep either at night. On the third day, he asked his second wife Ekwefi to roast plantains for him. When His daughter Ezinma brought the food to him, she said “You have not eaten for two days.” “So you must finish this.” As she takes care of him, Okonkwo thinks repeatedly that she should have been born a boy. Okonkwo is ashamed that he has been affected by Ikemefuna 's death. He went to speak with his good friend, Obierika. Obierika said that he is invited to be with him later while he negotiates the bride price for his daughter. Okonkwo starts to scorn Obierika for not coming to kill Ikemefuna. Obierika then said that Okonkwo shouldn’t have gone.What Okonkwo did is the type of deeds that the gods punish. It is against their traditions to kill a kinsmen. Okonkwo shows up for the negotiation of the bride price. Polite negotiation goes on for a while as the two family struggles to reach a decision between them. Chapter 9 begins with Ezinma dying. Okonkwo slept for the first time in three nights. He gets awoken by Ekwefi banging on the door with urgent news. When he asked “Who is that?”, Ekwefi said that “Ezinma is dying.” Ekwefi has had ten children. Nine have died. The medicine man has…show more content…
It was Ezinma 's turn to tell a story when they got interrupted by Chielo, the priestess of Agbala. She had come for Ezinma. Ezinma at first does not want to go. Ekwefi gives her a piece of fish and Ezinma is still crying while being taken away. Ekwefi follows behind at a safe distance. At one point Ezinma sneezed, and Ekwefi muttered “Life to you.” At the same time the priestess also said “Life to you, my daughter.” The priestess then screamed “Somebody is walking behind me!” Whether you are spirit or man, may Agbala shave your head with a blunt razor! May he twist your neck until you see your
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