Analysis Of Oliver Sacks: The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat

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Oliver Sacks: The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat.
I’d like to take you on a journey where perspective will be the biggest lesson of all. If you were giving some life-changing news that could hurt your career, how would you take it? How would it affect you? In this story, a musician used the very thing that made him money to also give him purpose. Dr. P was not only a teacher of music but a teacher of how to choose joy. Dr. P was an excellent musician, and also a great singer for numerous years. He spent his later years as a local music teacher.
At the beginning of the passage, Dr. P students noticed before he did something that was wrong with his vision. He identified his students by their voices instead of their faces. The students
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Sax went to Dr.P house. He started off by drawing shapes to see if Dr.P could recognize them and he did. Dr. Sax moved on to television actors and noticed that he could not recognize their expressions and was completely lost. Lastly, he used the pictures of Dr. P’s family members. It was there that he discovered that features were easier for Dr. P to point out rather than full faces and the person. When Dr.P’s wife called him to eat dinner Dr. Sax went to the wall and viewed the art. There his wife revealed that her husband is not only a musician but an artist as well. The author goes on to describe how each painting is a reflection of how Dr. P 's vision changed. This art was a visual representation of Dr. P 's vision or lack thereof. The author wrote,“Then, years later, they became less vivid, less concrete, less realistic and naturalistic, but far more abstract, even geometrical and cubist.” In my opinion, this is exactly what art is. In many artists, art pieces you can see how the artist, mood, life, and mental health change over time. Just like Dr.P, their work is a reflection of what 's happening to them. It is not up to the observer to determine whether or not something is art but the…show more content…
In conclusion, Dr. P was not a man with an illness. Though the people around saw something different with the way he lived his life it was just that. Dr.P saw his life as just the same as he did when he was younger. This allowed him to be a man who made a choice to not let the illness determine his life. This encouraged me as a reader to change my perspective different illnesses that life may throw my direction. It is up to me to decide to catch these illnesses and accept them as my own or not. Nevertheless, it is a personal choice. The author Oliver Sacks did an amazing job with illustrating the story of Dr. P’s life. The main idea is not the illness, but rather how to live loving your passions to the point where it overshadows

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