Analysis Of Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens

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Orphans are those unlucky children who have lost their parents or who are abandoned by their parents to live a life full of misery without any love and affection.
Oliver Twist is one such novel in which we come across a miserable life led by Oliver an orphan, after the death of his mother at his birth whose father’s presence is unrevealed.
Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens was the major novelist in Victorian age. He represented in his novels poorest sections of the society who could not stand for themselves. His main characters are drawn from poor sections of the society and their interaction with the rich. According to Charles Dickens it was the responsibility of the poorest of the poor give love, care and affection to the society because Victorian society was becoming bankrupt on morality. For Charles Dickens haves and have not actually had lot of value. Money could be exhausted but love and affection could not. He wrote about the experiences of common people. He could convert horrifying experiences into beautiful characters and novels. The hallmark of good authors is to create experiences into works. He copied horrid elements and dirt of London in his novels.
Charles Dickens belongs to a middle class family. His family plunged into poverty due to debts. His whole family was put in prison as they could not repay the debts. He had to work for long hours in a factory. He had a gift of literature in his early age . He had many aspirations in his life. Later his father
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