Analysis Of Olivia's Night In The Dead Of Night

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2. Make me a willow cabin at your gate
And call upon my soul within the house,
Write loyal cantons of contemned love
And sing them loud even in the dead of night,
Hallow thy name to the reverberate hills
And make the babbling gossip of the air
Cry out "Olivia!" O, you should not rest
Between the elements of air and earth
But you should pity me.

The lines 271-279 of Act 1, Scene 5 are spoken by Viola disguised as 'Cesario ' to the Countess Olivia after being sent by Orsino to "woo" Olivia on his behalf. The dialog is exceedingly significant to the overall plot as it establishes Olivia 's love for 'Cesario ' and an inkling to Cesario 's loyalty and love for Orsino. Viola 's description of what she would do if she loved Olivia as Orsino does attracts Olivia attention and affection.
Viola 's lines to Olivia of making "a willow cabin" (1.5.271) at the gate and writing songs of "contemned love" (1.5.273) to sing them "in the dead of night" (1.5.274) conveys an agonizingly desperate love that should be pitied. She wants Olivia to know that the extent of Olivia 's rejection to Orsino 's love would lead even 'Cesario ' to a despair that Oliva "should pity" (1.5.279). These lines were prompted by Olivia to see what 'Cesario ' would do if he loved her as deeply as Cesario and was rejected. Olivia is quite obviously intrigued and enamored by 'Cesario 's ' words as shown further into the play. Viola 's goal was undoubtedly to illustrate a positive
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