Analysis Of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

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Education presents a gateway of opportunities towards becoming a critical thinker, global citizen, and problem solver. The sole purpose of our education system is to teach the younger generations of America to be open minded active residents in their community, and that knowledge is the most powerful attribute any person could obtain. Goals like these present exemplary reasons as to why some novels, although classics, may cause young minds to be easily persuaded to take part in improper behavior rather than being open minded intellectual thinkers. Classic novels are capable of teaching valuable lessons still applicable to today, but more fearfully, others can inspire rude or inappropriate behavior that may give off the wrong meaning than what the author intended. Literature like this could rather misinform students on sensitive topics, which causes a wave of ignorance instead of presenting an opportunity for learning. Avoiding inappropriate behavior like this is more important than ever especially in today’s society where we see young students voice their ideas significantly compared to past generations. Although One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest exposes students to mental disorders, the novel is a prime example of a book that should not be required in public school curriculums due to the misguided knowledge students can learn about mental illness. An overall message that can be seen in this book is that running away from problems is awarded behavior rather than correctly

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