Classic Novels Should Be Banned

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Education presents a gateway of opportunities towards becoming a critical thinker, global citizen, and problem solver. The sole purpose of our education system is to teach the younger generations of America to be open minded active residents in their community, and that knowledge is the most powerful attribute any person could obtain. Goals like these present exemplary reasons as to why some novels, although classics, may cause young minds to be easily persuaded to take part in improper behavior rather than being open minded intellectual thinkers. Classic novels are capable of teaching valuable lessons still applicable to today, but more fearfully, others can inspire rude or inappropriate behavior that may give off the wrong meaning than what…show more content…
This could implement teens with the idea that they should not resolve their own troubles. According to “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest a portrait of despair in on dimension” the article states “Bibbit’s ultimate failure to stand up to Miss Ratched, and his consequent suicide are designed to show us that the struggle is useless, that the best alternative is escape... yet escape in this case is no liberation but merely a gravitation away from the center of tension” (Nostrand 25). Students need to be taught that they should be capable to express their opinions in an open and safe environment rather than hiding away as seen in the characters from the novel. This expresses that those who forget their personal struggles were capable of becoming free through negative alternatives that in the long run mentally destabilize a human being. This message could give the wrong idea to people especially younger audiences that behavior like this will be awarded and in the end leave a “happy ending”. This is also an inaccurate representation of actual psychological treatment received, as phycologists these days are more invested and respecting towards those with illnesses and created a motive toward establishing a more helping environment. Not only can bad influences like these can be seen in the novel, but inaccuracy is…show more content…
There is already enough stigma towards those with mental illness, although it is starting to become seen as a real situation there are still others that chose to dismiss it as an “exaggeration” or “sensitive behavior”, it is books like these that do not help towards the battle of recognizing mental illness and it’s needed treatment. Rather this book imposes that people who need to go to these centers are lunatics or psychopaths who will never fit back again into society and use manipulative methods to interact with authority to obtain what they desire. It is inaccuracies like these that provide reasons why One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest should not be designed in schools curriculum. One flew over the cuckoos nest has the possibility of becoming a detrimental piece of literature within people of all ages due to its negative perspectives on mental illness. It is the school boards responsibility to prevent

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