Analysis Of Cynthia Voigt Oriel's Wings Of A Falcon

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Without leaders there would be chaos. In Wings of a Falcon by Cynthia Voigt Oriel shows that he was built to be a leader. By looking at the fact that being a leader seemed to be his destiny, the fact that he was such a natural leader that people were drawn to him even after his death in the story, lastly is the fact that his life story has been seen throughout history be some of the greatest leaders. By looking at Oriel’s development as a leader and a character it will become crystal clear that he was meant to be a leader for the first page of the book. The first step to being a leader is knowing that you are a leader, and Oriel along with some of the great leaders in history knew what their destiny was the moment they were born, or in Oriel’s…show more content…
LBJ’s career went from the House of Representatives, the Senate, being the vice president and finally the president, “Johnson’s political career began in earnest in 1937, when he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives as a Democrat....In 1948, Johnson was elected to the U.S. Senate following a bruising Democratic primary....In 1960, John F. Kennedy, the Democratic presidential nominee, invited Johnson to be his vice-presidential running mate....Johnson was sworn in as president later that day aboard Air Force One”. ( He went from hugely powerful job to another…show more content…
Some are simple, be a kid, grow up, marry, find a job, and finally die gone, others have several layers to it and help them become the adult they grow up to be and those tend to stay with us, Oriel’s life story probably rank up there with one of the best. When he was growing up the Island he had to be tough from the moment he showed up, “he couldn 't cry no matter how much he wanted to. When he was hungry, he couldn 't ask for food, when he was cold he couldn 't try to push himself closer to the fire” (Voigt ch.1) From a young age Oriel had to be completely stone faced, if anything phased him he could not let it show. He went from a stoned face kid to a prisoner in the span of a couple days, he had to learn on the fly how be strong and keep up his iron will use said iron will to keep moving. “Oriel prisoner. Oriel prisoner of Rulgh” (Voigt ch.15) Rulgh was part of a group of savages called the Wolfers who ran savage over the land taking prisoners, one of them were Oriel and Griff. The man who Oriel matches up with in terms of a life story is one of the most despicable men in history, Adolf Hitler. He faced an early life plagued with injuries and failures before rising to one of the most powerful men in the world. “In October 1918, Hitler was partially blinded in a mustard gas attack near Ypres in Belgium. He was sent to the military hospital” (Holocaust Encyclopedia) He almost died because of the attack, after he recovered, he would then go on in

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