Analysis Of Othello's Song 'Creep'

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The song “Creep” by TLC is a great connection to Othello because both share infidelity tones. In the first verse, the singer seems like a loyal and distraught lover by saying, “I love my man with all honesty,But I know he's cheating on me.” This relates to the relationship between Bianca and Cassio. Bianca believes Cassio, is cheating on her when he gives Bianca the handkerchief that belonged to Desdemona. Bianca's thoughts immediately go to infidelity when she says, “This is some token from a newer friend/ Is ‘t come to this?”(3.4. l.205-206).
The line in “Creep” that says “I Keep giving loving till the day he pushes me away” shows how loyal the lover is to their partner. This line can relate to how Desdemona, who is accused of cheating is
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