Analysis Of Otto Dix's War Veterans Playing A Game Of Skat

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Otto Dix’s War Veterans Playing a Game of Skat 1920 After WWII Otto Dix created a piece of three men sitting down with major wounds playing a game of Skat. This Painting shows a very controversial scene of horror, light, and comical. It has a light side but, also a dark side. Finding this painting to be disturbing but also seeing what 's really going on causes many emotions between the horror and comical side of the story. As you dive into this picture you see the horror on the surface such as their face and their disfigurement. If you look closer at the picture you start to notice the deeper detail. The story deeper into this picture. You can tell as you look at their legs to see that they are pegs. Sharing the same color as the chair it portrays to me as they are just furnichure. There faces caught my attention at first showing that there repair mentation are exponential. As you look at them you have to wonder how they feel. The looks they give just being there, how lonely they are, and the deep horrors inside these three vets. As you look in the dark there will always be light in some form of fashion that wants to tell you its story.…show more content…
The goodness in this piece really shows the emotion and physical aspect. As you look at these vets you can see that playing cards must be something they like to do. Even though they have these disfigured faces and forced smiles, doing something you love makes you forget what everyone else thinks. You can also see it in their clothes. You can see the light in this picture showing the passion in what they did for their country. The vet wearing his Iron Cross medal shows his duty and passion to his country. Even this shows a horror picture it also has a lot of deep light that wants to set forth its

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