Analysis Of Otzi The Iceman's Murder '

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Otzi Man


No one knows what Otzi could have been; a hunter a shepherd the world today only has a few clues on the oldest human finding in the world.

Background Information

In terms of modern geography Otzi the iceman was found just inside the Italian border right next to Austria. Otzi was found in 1991 two hikers, Erika and Helmut Simon, from Nuremberg in Germany where climbing the final peak in the Otzal Alps. Apparently the Simons took a shortcut off the original route and came to a rock gully with meltwater. They then noticed something brown on the gully bed. First they thought it was just rubbish, but when they looked closer they noticed that it was a humans body.

Death And Theories

There are many theories on how Otzi died. The most suitable one would be the theory that he was a hunter and lived in a village, but how did he get to the mountains. In a documentary called ‘The Iceman’s Murder’ it says that there was a murderer in the village he lived in, so he fled. This may or may not be true but it is the only theory that goes with his founding’s. He then ran up the Otzal Alps, but while he was fleeing an arrow shot him (This is the information on the documentary.) Apparently while he was running through the mountains his body wasn't able to hand the conditions like he thought it would. Otzi also left some clues like how there was an arrow stuck in his back and the weapons that where found with him where a leather and flint knife/spear and a blade made of pure copper.
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Exsanguination is where you loose blood very quickly and it can also easily cause death, but on a different site called apparently an arrow was shot into his left shoulder and hit his lung.
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