Our Town Play Review Essay

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Reviewed Performance 4/11/17 Reviewed by Ashley Lewis- Video tapped performance at the Booth Theatre from 1/28-2/2/2003 "Cast" Mrs. Gibbs-Jayne Atkinson Lady in the Box- Wendy Barrie-Wilson Man in the Auditorism: Reathel Bean Professor Willard: John Braden Joe Stoddard: Tom Brennan Baseball Players: Kieran Campion, Patch Darragh Dr. Gibs: Frank Converse Mrs. Webb: Jae Curtin Mr. Webb: Jeffrey Demunn Wally Webb: Conor Donovan George Gibbs: Ben Fox Rebecca Gibbs: Kristen Hahn Sam Craig: Carter Jackson Emily Webb: Maggie Lacey Constable Warren: Stephen Mendillo Stage Manager: Paul Newman Thornton Wilder’s Our Town shows a minimal and simple style that reflects an American community during the depression time. The play shows different themes that…show more content…
The woman speak about his problems with alcohol and how it has gotten worse. Act 2 actually starts and it is now years later when Emily and George have planned on getting married and he is on his way to see his finance on wedding day morning. Mrs. Webb believes it is bad luck for him to see his bride to be on that day so she insist him to stay with Mr. Webb downstairs. At that time Mr. Webb is sipping coffee out of his imaginary cup and speaking about his marriage experience and how to be a good husband. Later that day at the wedding both George and Emily have regrets and feel so anxious and want to cancel the wedding but their parents both talk to them and remind them of the love and affection they have for each other. After the wedding the next act starts about 10 years later and it is in a cemetery at a funeral. The main characters in this act are actually the dead people sitting in chairs as if they are actually in the graves. Emily has passed away during child birth and she actually comes to join the dead. Those that are with her dead are Mrs. Gibbs, Mrs. Soames, Wally Webb, and Simon Stimson. They are all actually telling the ways they had passed away
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