Analysis Of Out Of My Mind By Sharon M. Draper

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The book Out of My Mind, by Sharon M. Draper, was an astonishing book. It was very nicely written and captivating. The characters have a lot of personality, especially Melody, an eleven-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy.The author did a very good job at showing off the characters traits and emotions. The theme is acceptance, because everyone around Melody has to accept her for who she is, and that isn't always easy. Melody's family and teachers have to learn to accept her the most. Only the people close to her understand her disability. That's why she goes crazy and has her so called "tornado attacks" because people don't understand her. Melody shows that she is intelligent, because she makes the whiz kids team and is the only student ever to get a perfect score on the test to get on the whiz kids team. In the story Mr.D, Melody’s teacher, states, “When Melody Brooks took the little practice quiz with us last week, I thought it was a lucky accident that she did so well. But …show more content…

Melody didn’t want her friends, or anyone to be made fun of so she got mad and throw one of her “tornado attacks”. Melody though to herself, “Why can’t everyone just be friends? It is not my fault I was born this way. Now people are making fun of my friends, and it’s not okay! The anger is building up inside me and i try to hold it in, but I can’t.” She also shows she is caring, because when Melody’s little sister, Penny, gets in a car accident, Melody starts screaming. Melody loves her little sister so much, she hates seeing her like that and especially when she’s in the hospital. Melody thinks in the story, “That is my little sister, in the hospital, and in pain. I couldn’t stop the tears from running down my face.” Melody is very caring about others, but sometimes she gets pretty angry at

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