Out This Furnace Analysis

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In the generations of the immigrant labor of a Slovak family, the Dorejacks demonstrates the tough labor in America. In the novel “Out This Furnace” a captivating, non-fiction story, Thomas Bell suggests that immigrant labor in the early days was tough and factors like labor inequality, the relationship between companies and politics, and essential money shaped immigrants freedom.
In the mid-1800’s George Kracha fled his country, Austria, under the ruler of Frank Josef, because of the lack of money and employment, Kracha couldn’t sustain his wife and mother (p.3). Moreover, Kracha’s story began when he arrived in New York to White Hill, he then migrates to several other cities but still in America. In the novel “Out of this Furnace,” Bell suggests that most immigrants came to America seeking a better life, but faced the hard truth of inhuman labor (23). With the lack of education, Kracha couldn 't speak English, therefore, Kracha faced the lack of communication, also because the lack of education Bell suggests immigrants made no effort in practicing their freedom and sets Kracha as an example (66). But lack of education wasn’t the only thing that impeded immigrants to vote, in a discussion with Mike, Kracha makes a comparison between the emperors and the millionaires, “they run the country to suit themselves, and don 't think they 're going to let you interfere every few years with your miserable vote.” (67).In other words, Kracha voiced his opinion on the real results of the voting, Kracha insists that big millionaires and banks, pressure workers into voting for a certain runner, only to benefit
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Bell suggests that imbalance employment, lack of knowledge, industrialized politics, and income stability affected the American dream of immigrant
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