Analysis Of Owl By Jackie Kay

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“Owl” is a short story, written by Jackie Kay in 2012. The story illustrates the experience of growing up and the importance of friends. Moreover, it is a story that explores how young children are as invincible and indestructible as they believe themselves to be because they can never be irreparably broken. However, as children grow up they can become less naïve, because they see the different and darker aspects of life. Growing up can be a confusing time, and if you become lost or stuck in the past, it can be difficult to find your way back.

The story is told from a first person narrator, who is a woman named Anita and it begins with a flashback to her childhood from the summer holidays with her friend, Marion and their families. The first person narrator provides an insight to the thoughts and emotions that Anita is experiencing and going through, and it allows the reader to understand her outlook on life and sympathize with Anita. The friendship between Anita and Marion is described in the flash back, and the characters are described through their actions rather that adjectives. In the flash back, they were staying on the countryside, and it was the first time that they noticed the problems between their parents: “… this was the first one where we actually noticed that Tawny’s father seemed happy chatting to my mother and that my father seemed to laugh in a different way with Tawny’s mother.” (Page 1, line 9-12) The two girls who, at this time, are ten and nine years
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