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David Romine
Spanish 3-4 A
Pan’s Labyrinth | David Romine The movie that I watched for this project was Pan’s Labyrinth. The director of this movie was Guillermo del Toro, who bought you Hellboy, The Devil’s Backbone and Pacific Rim. Guillermo del Toro is was born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, he is Mexican descent. In this movie there aren’t really any known famous actors but they are really good actors. Such as Ivana Baquero who played the daughter (Ofelia), Sergi López who played the evil step dad (Vidal), Ariadna Gil who played the mother (Carmen), and Maribel Verdú who played the servant of Vidal. (Mercedes). This movie takes place in 1944 in the post-Civil War in Spain, where the rebels fight against the falangist. There is
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Where all this Chaos happening Ofelia imagines a new world where she meets a faun who grants her immortality if she does these three task. This movie historical content is great where it talks about what happens after the Spanish Civil War, where there is a lot of confusion going on, and the Fascist have a conflict against the rebel guerillas. Where there are two different types of beliefs where it is Fascist against the rebels. I’m sure the film tries to explain how bad that war was and how it affected many other people besides the people that were fighting. The Spanish Civil War was between Francisco Franco Vs. the King Juan Carlos (Carlos was the King of Spain). Where Francisco Franco was pro monarchy and pro fascism and was the leader of the Nationalist. Where the rebels were the Republicans. Where both of them were battling over control of the government. Where…show more content…
I’m sure it is difficult being a Spanish-American because people just see Spanish Americans as just mexicans and not really American. Especially learning English would be tricky and that makes it more confusing if you are trying to be the citizen of the United States. Just I’m sure being Spanish American makes things harder and you have to work harder to be accepted in America. Latin Americans also struggle getting jobs and an education is harder. My family can relate to this kind of because I’m adopted and I have two mothers and gays are still not fully accepted in America. I’m also African American, and racism is still around and I have double standards for things. My views on Latin American countries and Hispanic Americans has not really changed at all after this movie. After this movie I still have the same views but I just learned a lot of new stuff that I never knew about and I am really happy that I did. One view I encountered about Latin American countries is that they were in war with each other. Also learned how important family is and not even family just the Hispanic Americans even just being friends

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