Analysis Of Parvana In Deborah Ellis 'The Breadwinner'

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In Deborah Ellis’s The Breadwinner, Parvana is a young woman who must become a boy to get food for the family and I have decided to compare and contrast her to the courageous Harriet Tubman. She lives in a bombed out apartment with her five other family members. Her father was taken away by the surrounding Taliban because of his foreign education. The family has no choice but to cut Parvana’s hair and turn her into a boy so she can be the breadwinner. Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in 1882. She risked her life to find slaves and take them to freedom in her underground railroad. Parvana has strong, heroic qualities that are similar to Harriet Tubman. Parvana and Harriet Tubman are both smart, heroic woman that were both affected by the
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