Doubt A Parable Character Analysis

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I gathered a lot of evidence throughout Patrick Shanley’s play, Doubt: A Parable, and I conclude that Father Flynn is guilty due to Donald being a very easy target and Father Flynn acting is very odd ways. Donald Muller, the little boy in the story, seems to be a very easy target for a predator. Donald is very isolated in school. He does not have any friends, so he the fact that the priest would accept him would make him feel accepted in the school. Donald is also the only black boy within the entire school. During this time period, black people are not widely accepted and endured many difficulties with being accepted in society. Donald is the first black boy to be in this school and was isolated in the school’s environment due to that. Donald…show more content…
Father Flynn works very hard to defend himself when he was getting accused. Sister Aloysius and Sister James called Father Flynn for a meeting about the winter pageant, but they have an underlying cause. Sister Aloysius brings up the suspicions she has about his relationship with Donald Muller. Father Flynn gets very offended and defensive of his actions to the sisters. He goes on about how he is different when it comes to discipline compared to the iron fist of Sister Aloysius. He seems almost too focused on coming up with excuses for why he is abnormally close with Donald. His actions make him seem very skeptical about his intentions and actions in regards to Donald Muller. Father Flynn then goes and talks to Sister James separately to talk with her about the accusations. By talking to Sister James alone, Father Flynn not only broke the rules but also seems suspicious. Father Flynn seems suspicious by talking to Sister James due to him taking time out of his day to go and try to convince her of his innocence. During the conversation between Father Flynn and Sister James, Father Flynn seems to threaten Sister James in a way: “You might lose your place as well” (Shanley 40). Father Flynn goes out of his way to convince Sister James of his innocence, which is very odd behavior considering she is at a lower position than himself. Father Flynn also goes and talks to Sister Aloysius against the…show more content…
Father Flynn may have just wanted to show Donald the support that he does not receive at home. Donald never really has had anyone to trust and confide in, so Father Flynn might want to give Donald someone to talk to. Donald also does not seem to have a good father figure or role model. Donald’s own father beats him at home, so he does not truly know what a good father son relationship is. Father Flynn might possibly want Donald to have someone to look up to and be a father figure to him. Along with wanting to give Donald a person to look up to, he may want to just give Donald a support system. Sister James and Sister Aloysius were talking about how they were worried about him being isolated, but then Sister James brings up how he has someone looking out for him : “He has a protector. . . Father Flynn” (Shanley 19). Father Flynn might just want Donald to feel accepted and welcome in his own school. Nevertheless, I still believe Father Flynn is guilty. Father Flynn gets very defensive and works very hard to defend his case to Sister James, which seems like he is trying to get more people on his side. This is almost too much effort to just keep his reputation and prove his innocence. He also leaves the parish when Sister Aloysius claims to have contacted his old parish. Sister Aloysius never truly did this, however Father Flynn still left. The fact that he left when she brought up his old
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