Analysis Of Patterns Of Culture By Ruth Benedict

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Reading the first chapter of “Patterns of Culture” by Ruth Benedict you are able to connect, feel and understand the knowledge of how culture functions. Also how “Anthropology is the study of human beings as creatures of society” (1). Studying the different culture in society sounds very Intriguing to do because you able to learn “various cultures, and his object is to understand the way in which these cultures change and differentiate, the different forms through which they express themselves, and the manner in which the customs of any peoples function in the lives individuals who compose them” (2). In society today humans do not show any interest in learning or showing acknowledgement what others have in their society. Ruth talks about variety of cultures and how others miss judge them based on the customs and many others things based on some people’s human behaviors. Today in society there are many that walk around judging others on their belief and their customs just because it is different from their. We all have a think that “normality” are the things that we do and…show more content…
From the moment of this birth the customs into which he is born shape his experience and behavior. By the time he can talk, he is the little creature of his culture, and by the time he is given and able to take part in its activities, its habits are his habits, its beliefs his beliefs, its impossibilities his impossibilities” (3). When we are born we are not free to express, do or live the life we choose to. There are times that options are given but are not able to make a choice for yourself but having to obey the customs of your culture. Your culture have control of what you think, what you value, they way you behave, your purpose to live, tells you what to worship and
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