Analysis Of Paul Kalanithi's When Breath Becomes Air

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Until one has bad times, it is impossible to appreciate the good times. When Breath Becomes Air is a first hand account of Paul Kalanithi 's life. It begins with his early life and education, in which he attains degrees from the world’s most prestigious universities in two subjects, science and literature. He details his progress towards becoming a neurosurgeon. In this profession, or rather a “calling”, as he says, he does remarkable work and leaves a profound impact on many people’s lives. However, his world is suddenly flipped as he is diagnosed with lung cancer at the young age of thirty-six. Always a healthy person, Kalanithi struggled at first to adjust to becoming the patient, rather than the doctor. Through this time, his family must go through it with him. In the most difficult and tragic months of Lucy’s life, she not only sees but experiences the fragile, thin line between life and death, order and chaos. Even in Paul’s tragic and painful death, she is able to attain true joy through her family as her love becomes even more profound. In the face of tragedy, humans cope in different ways. In attempt to normalize things for him to make Paul feel more comfortable, Lucy strengths her commitment as his health declines. She does her best to proceed each day as if all was normal, even though Paul’s capacity for everyday life has been lost; “I was adding his untouched…show more content…
Despite being a healthy, non-smoker, Paul’s terminal illness was shocking and unavoidable. By facing death with grace, Paul Kalanithi, finds meaning in his life, which he had been searching for in years of in his educational studies. His wife and witness, Lucy shares the journey with him. Despite the difficulty and suffering that they went through, they strengthened their love for each other and found incredible joy in their family. Their love, just like Paul’s words, endure
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