Analysis Of Paul Zindel's The Pigman

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In The Pigman (2005) by Paul Zindel, two teenagers, John and Lorraine, form an unusual friendship with an old man, Mr. Pignati. Over the past few years, this book has become one of many illicit books in schools because people believe that it is inappropriate. However, The Pigman should be taught in schools because it contains characters that many readers can relate to and teaches valuable lessons. Many students who read this book can relate to what the two main characters deal with at home. Mrs. Jensen, Lorraine 's mother, is very overprotective and is constantly reminding Lorraine to stay away from boys. When Lorraine says that she has been hanging out with kids at a local diner after school, her mother tells her that she is no longer allowed to go because there are always boys hanging around there. She does not want Lorraine hanging around boys because she believes that boys " 'only [have] one thing on their minds '" (46). Mrs. Jensen also tells her daughter that she is " 'not a pretty girl '" (11). Lorraine hearing this from her mother makes her become very insecure about her body image. Many girls can understand how Lorraine feels because many of them struggle with the same problems. Similar to Lorraine, John does not get along with his father. They do not get along because they disagree on what John should do as a career. John wants to become an actor, but his father wants him to join the Coffee Exchange. When John mentions to his father that he wants to be an actor,
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