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Pearl S. Buck’s fantastic novel, The Good Earth, draws readers with its simple story of the hardships and journeys of a young man, Wang Lung as he grows up in Ancient China. In the beginning of the story, Wang Lung marries a slave girl from the rich and powerful family in the village. O'lan, his new wife, looks simple with her unbounded feet, but works hard at everything she does and deems a suitable partner for Wang Lung. Together they farm in the sunny fields and grow their family. Life looked pleasant for the new family as they buy land with their painstakingly earned money, but alas their situation started turning bleak. Famine swept the land, and despite the prayers of the village, famine still drove residents to starve. Wang Lung had…show more content…
When a flood came in, Wang Lung hands became idle, and himself restless. Thus, he became bored and started accusing O’Lan as “a dull and common creature”, forgetting everything else she had done for him (179). His “realization” made him lust for another woman as he had lost his love for O’Lan, and he ultimately ended up in a mess. Only when his hands went back to work on his land, his “sickness” went away. Through sad examples, readers realize the dangers of laziness. Wang Lung openly hates stealing, and selling sons and daughters. Alas, when times turn tough, Wang Lung struggles greatly if he should break it or not. While he greatly reprimanded his son for stealing a piece of meat off the streets, he found himself in a stealing mob where he found gold and stole it in order to have enough cash to go home and support the family. Buck teaches readers the importance of working hard and also makes people ponder about their morals with Wang Lung’s…show more content…
Readers will enjoy, reflect and connect to the story of the Lungs, seeing their ambitions and how they strive to accomplish them, the challenges they face and the tough choices they need to make, and the consequences of their choices. Although this story was written close to a decade ago, people can still relate and feel the struggles of the family, as the book discusses the issues of today, such as family, wealth and drive. Painting a vivid picture of China even with its use of rather simple vocabulary, it makes it an easy read that can be enjoyed anywhere. Simply put, this book is a classic, and it makes a fantastic read with its simplicity and

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