Analysis Of People Watching By Julia Gray

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Imagine being young while living with a great sadness, and furthermore while being crazy about a girl - the worst scenario ever. As bad as it may sound, this is the case in Julia Gray’s short story “People-Watching” from 2014. It deals with the theme grief through young minds. These young minds are to be found in the two protagonists Kajsa and Paul. They study at University College London and have both chosen a subject called Introduction to Drawing at the Slade; a subsidiary subject to Architecture, which is Paul’s main degree, and French, which is Kajsa’s main degree. They have been given the assignment to observe random people and later portray them at a public place - a task Kajsa finds quite easy and Paul quite difficult. Kajsa seemed that Paddington Station was an excellent place and therefore is People-Watching happening here. Paul has difficulty expressing his feelings as they are hidden behind his sister 's death that plagues his inner. However, he admires Kajsa, whom is showing a glimmer of hope in the otherwise devoured teenager.

In addition, Kajsa is Paul’s antithesis. She is exuberant, outgoing, optimistic and happy. This is especially emphasized in the situation where they begin to observe people: “Kajsa has drawn a sketch of a woman with two bandy-legged children in tow, queuing for baguettes at Delice de France. His (read Paul) own page of heavy weight cartridge paper beckons blankly.” (Page 2, line 58-60). As Kajsa continues with wonder and questioning him
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