Fellowship Of The Ring Essay

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It was not so long ago that elves, orcs, and dwarves were treading the fringes of popular culture; Peter Jackson rejected this, and thrust them into the limelight and mainstream for the first time with the help of an ensemble cast, New Zealand’s stunning landscape, award winning makeup and costume artistry, innovative cinematography, and cutting edge visual effects. Jackson’s epic depiction of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy world of Middle Earth in “The Fellowship of the Ring” shook the foundations of filmmaking upon its arrival. From Jackson’s wake, a new wave of fantasy has emerged in film and television, streaming the way for such titles as HBO’s Game of Thrones, The Chronicles of Narnia, and MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles. Tolkien’s original story afforded Peter Jackson a wealth of resources and specific details--so many details, in fact, that Jackson’s real test was not synthesizing…show more content…
Nearly a thousand years and three ringbearers later, the One Ring is passed to Frodo Baggins--a hobbit. Hobbits are peaceful, half-sized men, comparable to gnomes or dwarfs in other popular fantasy, but more oriented to creature comforts and a humble existence. Frodo is terrified to learn the truth of the One Ring, and would have much prefered to stay in his hobbit hole sipping tea, reclining on pillows. Instead, to save the lives and fates of his family and friends, Frodo sets out upon a journey to take the Ring back to where it was created in the heart of Sauron’s territory--Mount Doom, in Mordor--so that evil might be destroyed once and for all. He is joined on his quest initially by four of his lifelong friends, including Gandalf the Wizard, Samwise Gamgee the hobbit, and some comic relief (Jackson, “Fellowship of the
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