Pica Della Mirandola's Analysis

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Pica Della Mirandola was an intellect who studied in the university curriculum of the Renaissance. The Renaissance was a period of enlightenment in which great advancements in science occurred. But, it is arguable that this period also led to an altered understanding of how humanity views humanity in comparison to past civilizations. Mirandola 's humanistic perspective results in his focus on the relation of human to the divine, rather than focusing on logic and semantics. In literature leading to this Renaissance time period, it is not uncommon to compare the understanding of the self to an understanding of the divine, but Mirandola revolutionized this thought when he began to differ other creatures from man. With doing this he states that…show more content…
To begin, a commonly accepted creation story relate to those expressed in the Book of Genesis. These beginning chapters capture the work of God as he begins to bring about the universe first, then plants, animals, and eventually humans. Genesis discusses the creation and eventual fall of Adam and Eve, who used their free will given to them by God, to make a decision that displeased him. But, it must be acknowledged that in Mirandola 's effort to create the idea that humans were created for their own purpose, one must explore how he elevated humans ' thoughts about themselves. Through his humanist ideas he promoted the ideas of dignity and individual self-worth. Therefore, although in Genesis man had been a part of God 's plan of creation, God knew to create them in an image of himself. But, in The Oration on the Dignity of Man, Mirandola 's, "Mightiest Architect," (1) did not share this ease in forming man. This is a result of man not being part of God 's original plan, so nothing had been processed in relation to human creation. While observing the world and all he had adorned it with, God, "…still longed for some creature which might comprehend the meaning of so vast an achievement, which…show more content…
This led to the great praise that is given to God from Mirandola. He is overwhelmed by the generosity of God the Father. "… Oh wondrous and unsurpassable felicity of man, to whom it is granted to have what he chooses, to be what he wills to be!" (Mirandola 2). And so, with these unique gifts, upon creation it is man 's responsibility to take the greatest advantage of these gifts. Mirandola implores man, in order to avoid becoming 'brutes, ' humanity should strive to become nothing less than angels who strive to attend to God. One should strive for this status because it allows for a more direct access to God, and because it ultimately brings man closer to being one with God, which should stand as the final goal for humanity. But, it should not be ignored that this is a grandiose task that is placed in front of man. Therefore, Mirandola suggests that one should learn from teachers of Biblical history, specifically Moses, as well as secular history, like Socrates. These great intellects will have the ability to instruct man on how to acquire wisdom, perform charity, and achieve other angelic
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