Analysis Of Pirates Of The Caribbean

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The Link above is one of my favorite song from movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” called “He is a Pirate.” This version was performed by the Auckland Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gary Daverne in November 2012 at the Auckland Town Hall. First of all, the opening of the song has a really fast tempo which creates an engaging feeling for the audiences. The harp was playing lightly at the beginning, and created a cheerful atmosphere right away. The string family was quietly played at same time. This can help the song has more textures, and makes the melody of song more colorful. Around 0:16~0:17, the string family starting the transaction and becoming the leads. After they completely took over the harp’s leading position in 0:24. The entire song was showing a picture of a beautiful rhythm and smooth melody. This song is ABAA form, and the second section started at 1:33, and it brings totally different style to the listeners from the first section. In this section, the song has a much slower phase and low pitch notes. This section a combination of the brass family and the drums. I feel this part of song really harmony and peaceful. There are no conflicts in those instruments. Every single notes are integrating with others perfectly. The purpose of this peacefulness is that the composer wants to give a contrast to the audiences between the section A and B, and this is very common technique in Western Classic music. Additionally, there are also couple points that I want to

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