Analysis Of Pity The Beautiful By Alberto Rios

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Love is a word that is different for many people. People interpret the word how they believe it best suits them. People often believe that love is best represented by showing it to someone important to them. On the other hand, there are people that know what they desire from other individuals, so they convert that desire into pity hopeless love that they can never obtain. A person can extend their love from oneself to others in many ways.
The poem “When Giving Is All We Have shows that sympathy among two people can potentially be the best type of love. To know that you are not alone and that you have someone there for you can be a very important feature of love that people seek. Alberto Rios states, “We give because someone gave to us. We
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In many times a person can be living day to day, but if they see that another person is having it worse than them they will do all they can to help them out. The ones in need often give more than the ones who have more than enough. The most important thing to them is that they were able to help someone out at least in the smallest way. When people get together and contribute to each other in any way, shape, or form the world’s humanity is helped out. Giving when you barely have any, or accepting the small gestures that you receive from someone are things that are…show more content…
No one is perfect in this world, so their is no point to envy the unattractive, fat, or dumb people. Love at this moment begins to become forever unattainable. These type of people change the meaning of love from loving one another into an evil gesture to other people. The love they ceased to ever obtain turns into hatred for the people they have met, meet, and will meet. Most of the time when people think of love they picture warm affectionate acts toward other people. This is not always the case for some people the word love is disgusting either because of previous failed emotional disasters with another person or because they life has yet to give them the ability to find their soulmate. Because of this they may have lost complete hope in ever finding someone, so when the see other people all they can do is wish and condolence their hopeless romantic fantasies. All they can offer is hatred toward
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