Pizza Hut Value Chain

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Question 1
Pizza Hut is America’s first national pizza restaurant. Now, it is also international chain stores. Its holding company is Yum! Brands Inc., which is the world's largest restaurant company. In 1958, the first Pizza Hut restaurant has opened by brothers Frank and Dan Carney in Wichita. Their mother lent them an amount of $600 and they bought some used tools and materials to ready for the business. They made pizza and distribute those pizza to some customers who are interested. A lot of people ask Carneys how Pizza Hut got its name. This is because when Frank and Dan Carney were setting up the first restaurant, the building only has a mark with nine characters. However, they wanted to use the name "pizza", there is just
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Pizza Hut Restaurant provides a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, with great services and making it a perfect place to relax and spend time with family at there. Pizza Hut Delivery assures and delivers hot and fresh pizza to customers within the time set. For the purpose of ordering pizza through online, Pizza Hut Company has created an online ordering website and also provided delivery services to customer who has made order.

The computer-based information system that has been chosen is Pizza Hut online ordering system. However, everyone can use this system as well. This may bring convenient to every user. From the information given, we know that the price of delivery and pick up are the same. There is no any delivery charge. Yet, delivery services only available for order with costs RM20 and above. Combo meals and price are different depends on location. Besides, the newest promotion will show on the website
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Afterwards, system will access to Facebook and user is required to enter email address and password before login to Facebook (Refer to Appendix 1H). Later, something (Refer to Appendix 1I) will come out and user only need to click “OK” button to proceed to next step. This is because Pizza Hut needs to obtain the permission of user to access some personal details.

After system receiving the approval of accessing from the user there is some personal information that user is required to fill in such as name, email, password, gender, birthday, primary contact number and secondary contact number. Since the system already get the name, email address, gender from user’s Facebook account in previous step, it is autofilled by the system (Refer to Appendix 1J). By this way, it makes user more easier and save time when filling in information. However, user still have to enter other details except those already filled by the

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