Analysis Of Platoon And Full Metal Jacket

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The three movies – Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, and The Green Berets – are all movies based on the same historical event – the Vietnam war and US’s involvement in it. Yet, they all presented us with different and narrative point of view and authority figures in order to paint their individual values. The movies’ most obvious differences lie within the choice of their narrative point of view. The Green Beret, the earliest one, was directed by John Wayne and he also starred in the leading role. Wayne’s authority and influence in the 1960s was similar to the influence of Tom Hanks in the 21st Century. People knew and loved him. The fact that someone like him, who was already a respectful and powerful man in the country, was the main point of view of the story made it more possible to convince the people to align with the movie’s values. In the movie, John Wayne played Colonel Kirby who set out to prove to Beckworth the importance of the war and US’s involvement in it. Since he was the main lead, the movie was seen through the eyes of Colonel Kirby. Therefore, it did not focus on the lower ranking officers and their lives. Instead, it focused on the strategies applied by the US and their heroism. Whereas the other two movies, Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, featured low class privates as their narrators. In Platoon, the movie followed private Taylor from his first day to his last day in the war. This movie went closer to the lifestyle of the soldiers. It detailed their

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