Analysis Of Plato's Theory Of Soul

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INTRODUCTION The Greek philosopher, Plato classified the society into three classes of people through his theory of three souls and three classes. According to him the three classes of people in society are the philosopher ruler, soldier and artisan in which they are compared to gold, silver and bronze respectively. His classification on classes of people based on the virtue and quality of soul in which he states that rulers are meant with wisdom virtue and rational soul, while Soldiers are wealthy in courage along with spirited soul and Artisans attached with temperance virtue and appetitive soul(Mukherjee & Ramaswamy, 2009). Therefore, I am going to more emphasize on the most amazing writers in the Western literary tradition, one of the most penetrating in soldier and influential authors in the history of philosophy. BODY Plato is possibly the first philosopher whose complete works are still available to us and he is most amazing writers in the western literary tradition. He wrote no rational paper giving his views, but rather he wrote a number of fabulous dialogues, written in the form of conversations, a form which allowed him to develop his friend Socrates method of question and answer. In his dialogues, Plato discussed every kind of thoughtful idea, including beliefs, political philosophy, way of life in religion, the philosophy of mathematics and the theory of art (especially dance, music, poetry, architecture and drama) (Mukherjee & Ramaswamy, 2009). In count to
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